Sensei by Claudio Sibille: Transforming chairs that become a coffee table

It goes without saying that space comes for a premium in urban apartments, reason transforming furniture units that change form to adapt to cramped space has become such a craze. Stepping into the frame of things, industrial designer Claudio Sibille has designed the Sensei – a pair of chairs that stick up together to transform into a coffee table in a very original way. If you have a cramped space and want a table and chair for two, then we don’t think there is anything better than Sensei out there. Conceived keeping in mind the space and utility of modern apartments, the chairs feature square section chromed pipes for legs and lacquered medium-density fiberboard for seating and backrest – which combine to form MDF tabletop and chromed pipe legs for the table.

To combine the chairs to form a table, all you have to do is, lay the chairs horizontally and insert the backs of the two chairs together – there your coffee table is ready, simple isn’t it? Sensei is worth every bit to look at, so don’t miss a moment and head down for some visual-treat.

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