Sensor-1 by MetaSensor Inc.

Sensor-1:Palm-sized security system that works in real-time

California-based company MetaSensor Inc. has created a gadget that will surely change the way we protect and safeguard our belongings. Dubbed as Sensor-1, the Bluetooth-powered, palm-sized motion censored device is a portable security system that is designed to work in real-time.

Designed to safeguard important products like documents, laptop, etc., the Sensor-1 is devised to detect changes in motion. It instantly alerts the user when their important items move from one place to another.  The one-inch waterproof octagonal-shaped device is fitted with gyroscopic stabilizer and magnetometer, which works together to track the device in all three dimensions.

Supporting three LED lights, small siren and Bluetooth connectivity, the device will send an alert on user’s smartphone. It’s even compatible with iOS/Android and Apple Watch, the real-time working gives users a chance to keep track of their important products.

Currently taking pre-order on Indiegogo, one can easily own the device by pledging $99.  Expected to shipped by October 2016, the Sensor-1 is designed to give users the piece of mind and also surety that their home and documents are safe with this portable security device.

Sensor-1 by MetaSensor Inc.

Sensor-1 is a portable security device designed to work on real-time

Sensor-1 by MetaSensor Inc.

One-inch waterproof device fitted with LED lights and small siren

Sensor-1 by MetaSensor Inc.

Made compatible with iOS/Android and Apple Watch

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