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Serbia's reclusive house

Serbia’s Reclusive House Built on a Rock in Middle of a River

Spatial privacy has always remained a crucial factor in architecture. However, this solitary house in the middle of the Drina River has humbly exceeded all the bars set by private spaces to pose as a modern day refuge nestled among nature.

Situated near the town of Bajina Basta, this little house is built way back in 1969 by a group of boys. And, just to clear up the facts – it is not one of those cute yet photo-shopped wallpaper scenarios, but rather a recreational spot for over years.

Milija MandićIt thought of the idea and he along with his swimmer friends built it as a rudimentary shelter to rest on the rocky terrain. This inspiring endeavor started by carrying wood boards to the rock by means of boats and kayaks.

Deftly constructed on a jutting rock, it has served as a refuge to the builder and his friends, and is now turning become a popular tourist magnet in Serbia. The furious flow of the Drina River has always washed away the house, but it has been restored for about six times.

The Drina River House caught media attention after photographer Irene Becker’s image is published in National Geographic.

Those who are interested in gawking at more fascinating images of Drina River House, visit Planinatara.

All images are courtesy of Jovan Jaric and National Geographic.

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