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How to set up a perfect home in 5 simple steps

You’ve finally found it, your perfect home. Maybe it took months or even years, but you’ve found a perfect place to call your own, and you’re getting ready to move in. Many people will develop a home over a long period of time, setting up room by room, or gradually in general. Whether you spent years searching through house listings in newspapers or driving hours out into the country, this guide is the way to go for your newly acquired home.

Maximize your space

Your new home might be big, or it might be small, but either way you will accrue more and more stuff as you live there. This means that at some point, no matter how big the house, you will need to clear some of your possessions out to make room for the new.

One way to get off to the right start with your new home is to have storage room set up before you begin to move things in, in order to keep the chaos manageable as the years go by. This could be as simple as getting shelving units for the garage or storage area or building a shed in the backyard. As long as you have a system by which to store your items, you’ll never lose anything in the sea of bric-à-brac you accumulate during your life in that home.

Minimize your maintenance

Another thing that tends to dampen the experience of your perfect home is maintaining the place at the level of cleanliness and functionality as when you first moved in.  House maintenance may be a chore, but it is rewarding enough that many people find themselves able to self-motivate, allowing them to keep their space clean and organised.

For the rest of us, however, there are things you can do to minimize the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do in future. This can be achieved by doing simple things like using a hardy, strong grass when laying down the lawn, or by having the plumbing in the house checked and any broken parts replaced before moving in. This way, these things are new and have long potential lives from the get-go, and as such require less maintenance.

Lower your usages

Bills can always impact the perceived perfection of a new home faster than you can say “expensive,”, however, there’s no need to let that linger as a lasting thorn in your side. By implementing environmentally-conscious solutions to issues yet to arise, you spare yourself the potential problems altogether. While a rainwater tank down the side of the house can be expensive to put in, you’ll almost never have to pay to water your garden, and you have a supply of water in case of drought or other natural disasters.

Solar panels installed on the roof can minimise your electricity bills, and if you have a battery system such as the Tesla Wall installed in your house, you never waste a second of a sunny day, and the battery can power your home at night once charged. Energy-saving light bulbs and energy efficient appliances also help to reduce bills, all of which make your house cheaper to live in, while significantly increasing its resale value.

Make it yours

Your new house will be like bare bones when you move in. Unless you have purchased a furnished house, which would be somewhat rare, your new house is a blank slate with which you can do anything you like. Provided you’ve purchased the house, you can renovate, knock down walls, put in new bathrooms or paint the whole thing bright purple if you feel so inclined.

The important thing to keep in mind is that you should do some of these things, you should make the house yours by bringing what you want into the fabric of the place itself. This is your home, and as such, it should look how you want your home to look. By doing this, you solidify it as your place, and nowhere else will be like it.

Do something new

Finally, the great thing about homes is that you can do something new with them. Maybe you’ve only lived in one house before this, and everything is exciting and new, or maybe you’ve lived in 20 before this, and this is the final settling down place, but either way it should be somewhere you do something new.

As it’s your home, you want it to feel warm, loving, and familiar to you, but you also don’t want to fall into the trap many people fall into, which is making it exactly the same as your previous place. Bring fresh life into it, get some new furniture or a new colour scheme, or a pet or a new feature outside. Make it memorable and different for you, and it will stand out as a new place, but a home nonetheless.

Your new home can be spectacular and can be exciting and new and familiar for many years to come, and with these tips, you don’t have to wait years and years to get there.

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