Shape-changing C-Mode sofa by Marija Cvetkovska

Macedonia-based interior designer Marija Cvetkovska has created a sofa that can change form to accommodate more people or become a side table to save space. Dubbed the C-Mode, this simple yet very innovative couch focuses equally on form and function. Ideal for any home, big or small, the C-Mode sofa can be folded, thanks to its laser cut wooden base, into another type of seating unit which can facilitate more people or into a small side table, to stock up things.

The wooden base of the sofa, laser cut to perfection, makes the couch flexible enough to be comfortably folded into any shaped desired, give the space and need of the homeowner. The cushions of the sofa are excitingly appealing and malleable like the frame. There is no word when the C-Mode could make it to the market, but for the inquisitive, the sofa will be available in turquoise, green and blue colors to choose from.

Via: Trendhunter

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