Shelfie is a flexible shelving system by a Finnish designer


When it comes to keeping your home clutter free, almost every home owner admit that this task is one of the biggest challenges. And if you live in a small apartment, then decluttering your home becomes an essential household task. This is where storage comes to the rescue. A storage space does not always have to be hidden behind doors. An open storage shelf that saves as well as displays your objects beautifully is one of the best storage options you can go for. So, how about a shelving unit that offers flexibility in its basic function? The Shelfie is a shelving unit that does exactly this.

Shelfie is a flexible shelving system that not only stores your thing  in a place and keeps the clutter down,  but it also allows the users to rearrange the shelves according to their preferences. The intelligent design of this easy to assemble shelving system is brainchild of a young and talented Finnish designer Nikolo Kerimov. He has made use of a tiber frame to provide stability to the structure, while the shelves are made up of a textile material composed of leather and lycra that creates a tension to form a steady surface hold various objects. Since the shelves are not fastened to the timber frame, therefore they can be rearranged in different ways according to the liking of the user. The textile shelving is available in a variety of colors to give the shelving system a colorful appearance.

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