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Shine Towel Rack

Shine towel rack doubles as a light to guide you in bathroom

Shine towel rack is a bar-shaped bathroom fixture by Ever Life Design, Italian manufacturer of bathroom accessories. The minimalist design of the towel bar comes integrated with an auxiliary LED light to create a warm atmosphere that acts as a guide in your bathroom. The cylindrical fixture easily accommodates your towel, while illuminating the area in your shower room.

Created by Italian designer Monica Graffeo, the aluminum bar with LED (24 volts, 3000 lumens) is meant to be adjusted in different positions – either vertically or horizontally. According to its current position, it can project light downwards, upwards or on the wall. It has a built-in locking mechanism to fix in the desired position without compromising its graspability.

The careful installation of technology into the towel rack-cum-light ensures equal dispersion of heat. Due to that, that bar won’t overheat even during long periods of ignition. The storage capacity of the handle bar is about 120 kg to hold any sized towel with ease.

Shine towel rack comes in different versions such as 500mm (5w), 650mm (7w), 800mm (9w). Moreover, the towel bar is available in various colors including white, anodized and black. So, you can select your preferred towel rack version to match with your bathroom interior.

For more information and price request, you may visit the company’s official website.

Shine Towel Rack

Aluminum towel rack

Shine Towel Rack

It comes integrated with LED light

Shine Towel Rack

Available in three colors: white, black and anodized

Via: Edilportale

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