Shoreline Coffee Table by Revive Joinery

Shoreline Coffee Table Evokes Sublime Imagery of Ocean Reaching Land

Nature has always been our biggest source of inspiration for creating designs that evoke emotions. We have seen many great influences from nature in furniture designs. The Shoreline coffee table by Revive Joinery is one such example. This elegant table has been styled to evoke sublime imagery of a vast ocean that’s gracefully reaching the land.

Each table is a beautiful combination of sustainable British walnut tabletop and modern steel frame. The exquisite craftsmanship of this beautiful piece of furniture brings undeniable beauty of nature into your living room. A radiant turquoise resin is used on the tabletop to perfectly imitate layers of ocean sweeping a shoreline.

On the other hand, the reclaimed wood is used to resemble the land near the water lines of the shore. Furthermore, the detailed finishing and polished surface add an appeal to the wood. The modern coffee table boasts pleasant colors of nature that reflect its true beauty, giving a unique and visually-appealing look to your contemporary interior.

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If you’re thinking of adding some natural colors to modern interiors, this nature-inspired coffee table is a perfect choice. Each Shoreline coffee table is one-of-a-kind, with no two pieces ever appearing exactly the same. Which means you’ll get a completely unique table for your living room.

You can purchase this modern coffee table made from Revive Joinery for £1,400 (~$1,800).


Image: Revive Joinery


Image: Revive Joinery


Image: Revive Joinery

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