Show-off your passion for sportscars with this engine coffee table

Tables are one the most commonly used household furniture as we eat, drink, and work on them. Many designers are experimenting with table designs, so that we can spice up decoration at homes in style. Previously we have seen many coffee tables made from car engines, and this time we bring you another story of extraordinary coffee table made from automotive engine. This unique coffee table is designed by a South Africa-based automotive equipment company, Laubscher Automotive, and they provide a wide range of engines to be crafted as a table.

If you are passionate about automotive things then you can show-off your passion with this engine table. It is a refined and up-cycled way to decorate your home. The engine is deeply cleaned to produce a shining metal finish over the glass tabletop. Moreover, the designer painted this engine to keep the table attractive for longer period of time. No use of wood has been made in the design, as the old engine is its main component.

It will serve as a perfect centerpiece in the home of automotive enthusiast, so don’t leave your chance to bring home the preferred engines such as a Jaguar V12, Lamborghini V10, Ferrari V12, BMW V12 and many more. The engine table is an innovative and creative design by Laubscher Automotive, and you can learn more by jumping straight over to the official website.

The engine after deep cleaning and paint

The engine after deep cleaning and paint

Unique way to decorate your home

Unique way to decorate your home

Glass top over the metal engine presents a quite good look

Glass top over the metal engine presents a quite good look

Perfect to show off your automotive passion

Perfect to show-off your automotive passion


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