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Sound Heroes wireless speaker

Show-stopping humanoid wireless speaker is something straight out of the future

The world is fascinated with futuristic superheroes, and so are we. Be it Iron Man or the super galactic villains like Darth Vader. Their larger than life image captures our imagination, and from there on it is implied in our daily life too. Probably that’s the reason why people from across the globe are showing their interest in this cool Bluetooth speaker that’s up on Indiegogo for funding. The futuristic looking humanoid speaker looks something straight out of a sci-fi movie, and underneath its cool looks, it is a powerhouse.

Dubbed as Sound Heroes, the Bluetooth speaker is brainchild of Kalium Labs, a Wilmington-based company. The wireless speaker is not just about quality sound, but also about the whole effect that it puts forth. It is complimented well by ambient lights, smoke machine, Wi-Fi extender and also comes with a wireless charging base which can charge your smartphone. What’s even crazier is that you can connect up to 12 Sound Heroes to create unparalleled surround sound for larger spaces.

Talking about the sound quality, it has high-end sub-woofers and tweeters for crystal clear highs, mids and low range frequencies. The speaker in the chest beams sound in such a way that there is definitive crispness in sound. Since it can be controlled with a compatible app on your mobile device, the overall experience of music, lights and smoke is jaw-dropping.

Color options available in Sound Heroes speaker which are inspired by luxury cars, and probably that’s the reason why you can notice the sharp edgy design too. To keep the overall weight of this speaker down, the makers have used ABS plastic material. And the best part is its eight hours playback with all the features working. In case you are just listening to music, the backup is almost double.

Truly it a modern and upbeat accessory for your home which will increase the appeal of interiors three folds. In a way you can say, it is a show stopper.

Advanced wireless speaker with loads of features

Lends any kind of interior an instant appeal

Sharp design and amazing sound quality

Sound Heroes Bluetooth speaker

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