Shrusti Nerkar invents water-saving smart shower

Shrusti Nerkar invents water-saving smart shower

We all know how precious water resources are for us and how all known forms of life depend on water. But every time we take shower, we forget how much water is wasted by us. Seeing the same plight of water wasted everyday, Nasik-based teenager Shrusti Nerkar, a sixth standard student, got the idea to invent a water-saving smart shower that can save 65 liters of water per person.

While on a trip to car wash center with her father, student of Rachana Vidyalaya got the idea of how 2 liters of water is enough to clean a car. Motivated to create something same for her bathroom, Shrusti got full support from her father, Mr. Narendra Nerkar, a professor of electronic in a government polytechnic college, to materialize her plan.

Experimenting with electric wire pipes and PVC pipes, Shrusti created the prototype model using foldable pipes. Trying her best to create a fully functional showerhead, the little girl made four models before reaching the fifth and final product that actually worked. The showerhead uses only 15 liters of water as compared to an ordinary showerhead using 80 liters per person, thus saving 65 liters of water per head.

Receiving accolades from school and people, Shrusti was also invited by the District Collector Dipender Singh Kushwah, who believes that such water-saving solutions will surely help in supplying water to the city for 34 days. The talented girl is currently planning to develop sensors for the showers so that it automatically shuts off when no one’s under it.

We wish this little girl luck and hope that more and more young people would come forward with such innovative ideas to help preserve natural resources, which are on the verge of depletion.

Via: IndiaTimes

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