Silo Suite

Silo Suite is a Magical Retreat for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Nestled in a beautiful garden estate in Tyringham, Massachusetts, this two-story home is a fresh take on the luxurious outdoor living trend. Entitled as the Silo Suite, this former sculptor’s studio has been brilliantly transformed into a stunning one bedroom cottage that seems like a fairytale home.

The tiny home is made entirely from reclaimed wood and other materials to minimize its impact on the environment. Inside the house, there is a bedroom on the upper level with complete wooden interior, giving it a treehouse-like effect. The bedroom is equipped with a heated queen-sized bed that makes nights cozier.

The lower level comprises of a sitting room, wet bar, microwave, fridge, and bath. This means that you’d get all the required facilities in this small vacation house. Besides all the home-like facilities, the tiny abode interacts with nature as it is surrounded by ponds for swimming. Moreover, the area also offers kayaking, trails for hiking or simply a pleasant place for a nature walk.

Silo Cottage is a perfect hideaway for two outdoor enthusiasts. This magical retreat will certainly make spending a night out in the wild well worth. You can book this unique vacation home at Airbnb for $225 per night.

Silo Suite

Made entirely from reclaimed wood and other materials

Silo Suite

It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and ponds

Silo Suite

Sitting room clad in wood along with wooden furnishing

Silo Suite

Heated queen-size bed within the cozy bedroom

Silo Suite

Tiny window to enjoy outside views

Silo Suite

Lower level includes a sitting area, wet bar and bath

Credit: TinyHouseTalk

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