JP SilverBamboo Self-cleaning Towel

SilverBamboo: World’s first self-cleaning towel kills 99.9% bacteria

JPLiving company has invented the world’s first self-cleaning towel, SilverBamboo. Aptly named, the plush towel is made out of pure silver and bamboo to eliminate 99.9-percent bacteria after every use. The main constituent is the 100-percent bamboo, which forms one of the softest natural fibers. Another constituent is pure silver, as it is well-known for its anti-bacterial properties.

Creative engineers at JPLiving have found an innovative way to interweave both the materials to form softest self-cleaning towel t0 keep germs at bay. It is a dermatologist-recommended towel for its anti-odor, anti-microbial and anti-acne properties. Moreover, it is said to be four times more absorbent than a regular cotton towel.

According to doctors, your regular towels need to be washed in 800-degree-celsius hot water after every use. But no one really has time to wash their towels on a daily basis. Therefore, JP engineers thought of creating a towel that doesn’t need to be cleaned every day, and itself prevents microbes from growing.

Wondering what prevents microbes from growing on this silver and bamboo towel? A constituent called ‘bamboo kun’ is present in bamboo fibers that stop bacteria’s access to protein, which further leads to the mass destruction of microbes. Moreover, the bamboo fibers have various micro-holes and micro-gaps for maximum moisture absorption and ventilation.

With the cutting edge power to kill microbes, SilverBamboo towel remains fresh and toasty even after use. Japan Textile Inspection Association has validated that even after extensive washing, bamboo fiber fabric sustains its anti-bacterial function.

Currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, the SilverBamboo towel is your ultimate solution to germ-free bathing experience. A pledge for $91 CAD will help you secure your own self-cleaning towel.

JP SilverBamboo Self-cleaning Towel

World’s first self-cleaning towel made out of 100-percent bamboo and silver

JP SilverBamboo Self-cleaning Towel

It prevents 99.99-percent microbes from growing

JP SilverBamboo Self-cleaning Towel

The towel has anti-bacterial, anti-odor and anti-acne properties

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