Silvia Allori Compact Studio Apartment

Silvia Allori renovates 70’s home into compact studio apartment

Italian architect Silvia Allori has found a flat in Florence in a building that was originally constructed in 1970. The talented architect has given a modern twist to the classic 42-square-metre apartment by integrating several fold-out furniture and storage units into walls. White laminate runs through walls of the living room to conceal cabinets, bookshelves, neon lights, and a work desk. Meanwhile, built-in sofas can be converted into beds

Ensuring maximum efficiency of space and utility, the modular fold-out furniture remains hidden within the laminated niches until required. In-between the wall and cladding, there is a series of cuts that filter out some neon lights. The ceiling follows a complete white volumes scheme, following ceiling-bound rectangular beams that run through the length of this tiny home.

The small kitchen space is separated from the corridor by a shiny golden curtain. This curtain has been created using isothermal emergency blanket from a survival kit. Besides adding contrasting appeal to the plain white interior, the golden curtain also allows the corridor to be used as a clutter-free seating space.

For decoration, Allori has used pot plants and curios collected from second-hand shops on her holiday trips. In addition, pegs can be inserted into holes in the walls to provide extra space for books, display and storage.

Allori has brilliantly transformed a tiny space into practical residence and in-home office. The contemporary dwelling provides all kinds of functional uses without visually taking up much space.

Silvia Allori Compact Studio Apartment

White laminated niches hide several furniture units

Silvia Allori Compact Studio Apartment

The built-in sofas can be converted into beds.

Silvia Allori Compact Studio Apartment

Golden curtain made from isothermal emergency blanket from a survival kit

Via: Dezeen / Images Courtesy: SimoneBossi

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