Sinan Coffee Table by Ian Stell

Sinan coffee table is based on rhythmic movements of accordion

If you love kinetic objects, then this coolest dynamic table will certainly blow your mind. Sinan coffee table by New York-based kinetic designer Ian Stell not only looks like an accordion, but also expands and contracts like the same musical instrument. At first glance, it seems like a lattice-like zigzag piece of furniture but on pulling it from either ends it expands to form a larger table.

For these choreographic movements, Stell has created internal lattice pattern using a 3D model on computer. After that, he actually made it by stacking oak slats one over another on pivoting hinges in order to simulate the table in its full range of motion. He took precise measurements of each interlocking hinges with a tolerance of 0.005.

After that, he fixed all these wooden slats together to form interlocked lattice structure, which is supported by brass rods. This transforming piece of furniture will surely add dynamism to your contemporary living area. It is ideal for both small and large living spaces. You can keep it compact for personal use and also expand it for extra space, when your guests arrive.

It will become a stunning centerpiece of any minimal interior and even your guests will be impressed by its gorgeous look and eccentric motion. Already decided to buy it? Well, its price is assumed to be no less than Stell’s Big Pivot table that comes with hefty price tag of about $20,000. If you’re knacky like Stell, then you might be able to create an identical table for your place. If not, you may satisfy yourself by looking at its Gif pictured above.

Via: Fastcompany

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