Enjoy the Spinning and Rocking Motion of Roulette Chair

Spain based outdoor furniture company Vondom brings its new collection of chairs that rocks in every direction and also spin around because of its contact with the ground at a single point. Dubbed as Roulette chair, this one of kind outdoor furniture piece is designed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. The designer has left behind the usual concept of creating a chair with four legs. He designed the Roulette chair as an outdoor seating object keeping in mind the notion of rocking chairs. With this design, you can add a more relaxing as well as a playful character to your garden or backyard.

According to the designer, circular rocking shape is easy to attain with a rotating mold. Therefore he ended up with a chair that not only rocks in a to and fro motion in every direction but also spins around. This is because the chair is designed in such a way that it meets the ground at one constant central point.

When the occupant sits on it, his weight is distributed throughout the globular structure and he can control the gentle revolving motion of the chair with his feet touching the ground. The Roulette chair is constructed in plastic and is available in many vibrant and sophisticated colors to complement your other outdoor furniture.

You can also make a choice between lacquer or matte finish of the chair.

Roulette chair by Vondom

Image: Vondom

Roulette chair by Vondom

Image: Vondom

Roulette chair

Image: Vondom

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