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Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed Adjusts Temperature to Help You Sleep Better

US-based company Sleep Number is best known for its sleep-aid smart beds. This year at CES, they have showcased the latest models of their 360 smart beds. The new Climate360 smart bed is what we would like to put the main emphasis on. The latest technological advancements make this bed able to look for common sleep issues and improve sleep quality.

Winner of a Best of Innovation Award at CES 2020, the Climate360 smart bed is claimed to make people sleep faster and stay asleep, by adjusting the temperature autonomously, all-night-long. It can create personalized and responsive microclimates on the bed. Each side of the bed is heated and cooled according to a sleeper’s individual comfort preferences.

According to Sleep Number research, the temperature is an important issue for 81-percent of people during sleep. Working on the same, the Climate360 smart bed provides up to 12 degrees of cooling through an evaporative cooling process and can warm up the bed for up to a temperature of 100-degrees Fahrenheit through active heating.

Mimicking a natural sleep cycle, it first gently warms either or both sides of the bed, which is said to help in falling asleep faster. Then, it actively cools the sleeper’s body with ambient air to keep them asleep for longer. Sleep Number Climate360 bed comes with a smart adjustable base that allows adjusting both head and foot comfort. The new sleep surface is breathable and is designed to take shape according to the body.

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Furthermore, the bed uses SleepIQ operating system that collects over 10 billion biometric data points each night. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically adjust comfort and support for each individual.

The Climate360 bed provides access to monthly wellness reports, sleep circadian analytics, and heart rate variability (HRV) measurement in order to get better insights into sleep using the companion mobile app.

It will be available later this year, with a price starting at $999. In addition, Sleep Number has also showcased a new range of 360 smart beds.

We have featured such temperature-adjusting beds previously, including the Eight Sleep’s smart pod bed and BRYTE AI-powered smart bed.

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