Bryte AI-Powered Smart Bed Improves Your Sleep Day by Day

BRYTE AI-Powered Smart Bed Improves Your Sleep Night by Night

California-based startup BRYTE has designed an AI-powered smart bed that learns and improves your sleep night after night. It senses each individual user and can dynamically adjust support, temperature, and environment throughout the night in order to optimize each stage of sleep.

Informing about the idea behind their bed, John Tompane co-founder and CEO of BRYTE said,

Every person sleeps differently, and every person’s sleep is different night after night. The idea that a static mattress would work for every person, every night, is unreasonable. This realization led the BRYTE team to research how each individual factor of our bed and environment can impact our sleep, and how modern technology can be utilized to perfect these factors for each individual user.

Powered by AIDEN, an AI-driven personal sleep concierge, the BRYTE bed crafts a personalized sleep environment by measuring sleep quality, weight distribution, pressure points, body temperature, and then learning, adjusting and customizing ideal sleep environment, including temperature, localized body support, and light.

It can even prepare your bed every night around the typical sleep time. Through AIDEN and BRYTE mobile app, users can make adjustments as needed or set preferences for the bed and sleep environment.

The bed controls temperature through a thermoelectric cooling and heating system. There are one hundred coils within sixteen individual zones of the bed that actively adjusts support, keeping the user comfortable, and ensuring a longer and sound sleep throughout the night.

Both the sides of the bed can be adjusted separately, which means couples can have different temperature and support on their sides which will ensure sound sleep for both.

The BRYTE Bed can also connect to smart home products such as Hue lighting and Nest thermostat in order to collectively improve user’s sleep and waking up experience. There is also a feature that can lull users to sleep.

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In appearance, it is like any standard bed but the BRYTE hides wonderful technology inside, with a layer of specialized latex-free luxury hybrid foam for added comfort.

Staring at $5,950, this self-learning and adjusting bed is available in queen, king, and California king sizes. It comes with its own base but can also be used with your existing bed frame. The bed can be purchased online and at BRYTE’s flagship store in Bellevue, Washington.  

New York-based Eight Sleep has also created a similar kind of sleep-enhancing bed before but this one by BRYTE is different for its use of AI and personalized support.  

Bryte AI-Powered Smart Bed Improves Your Sleep Day by Day

Image: BRYTE

Bryte AI-Powered Smart Bed Improves Your Sleep Day by Day

Image: BRYTE

Bryte AI-Powered Smart Bed Improves Your Sleep Day by Day

Image: BRYTE

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