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Slovakian brothers invent colorless coffee

Good news for coffee lovers, as now you can enjoy your coffee without leaving stains on your clothes or teeth. World’s first “colorless coffee” is now available in U.K. and Slovakia market. All thanks to two Slovakian brothers.

David and Adam Nagy’s three months of hard work has just paid-off. After experimenting different brewing methods, they have come up with CLR CFF (Clear Coffee) formula.

This special drink is made up of roasted Arabic coffee beans and fresh water. Interestingly, it is produced by a method which has never been used before in coffee brewing. CLR CFF also promises that it gives you fresh aromatic flavor and taste, along with health benefits.

100ml of CLR CFF contains only 2g of calories and 0g fat and sugar. And there are no preservatives, stabilizers and sweeteners used in its making. The coffee looks like simple water, but tastes exactly like your same old coffee.

Nagy brothers also shared that after finding nothing in the market for their stained teeth, they finally decided to create a drink brewed with the same Arabica beans. The only difference being that it wouldn’t have such a negative effect on their smiles. They recommend to serve it chilled for the best taste.

If you want to taste it, you can order it online or you will find it at whole foods Market, Selfridge & Co. in U.K at the cost of $7.50 USD for two packs and $18.80 USD for four packs.




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