Afternoon Dijalt bed

Slovenian studio Author crafts a simple wooden bed with elements of illusion

Afternoon Dijalt bed

Wood has always been in the consciousness of western builders, much like bamboo is in the east. Well, it does have the advantages of easy availability (earth’s surface contains about one trillion tonnes of wood), light-weight bearing and more importantly a carbon-neutral nature that has inspired generations of architects and scientists. In this regard, we have stumbled across a pretty simple conception in the form of the ‘Afternoon Dijalt’ bed. Designed by Slovenian studio Author, the whole design is crafted from just wood, with a certain unadorned yet quixotic flavor.

The crucial visual element of the design is the illusion of suspension. The beds juts out unpretentiously from an angular wooden panel in a cantilevered demeanor. And, it is this wooden panel that serves as the main component of the furniture. Other than serving as the structural support for the ‘suspended’ bed component, this panel also comprises of other features that allude to the aforementioned illusion. For example, it contains hollow slits for the housing of the bed lamps, almost as if the lights are floating in mid air. Moreover, the lower most slit is used for a cantilevered panel, which can be conveniently used as a bed side stand.

Via: DesignRulz



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