Smanos UFO Camera

Smanos UFO Camera captures full 360-degree view of your home

The market is flooded with high-end HD home security cameras. Sadly, most of them are plagued by a strolling problem – blindspot. But Smanos has recently unveiled its new UFO Camera that solves the problem with its HD fisheye lens. The high-definition camera lens captures full 360-degree birds’ eye view of your home when mounted on a ceiling. When affixed on a horizontal surface or a wall, it can capture 180-degree panoramic view.

The Wi-Fi-enabled Smanos UFO camera also has night vision capability, along with built-in motion detection. This means it can record a footage with clarity even in low lighting condition. It is also equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication between you and any person at your doorstep.

The camera comes with a companion app (supporting both iOS and Android devices) that lets you remotely monitor your home and even take a snapshot whenever desired. It can immediately send notification alters to you and your family members on detecting any unwanted activity in your home.

UFO-shaped camera records footage in 1080p and later save onboard on a micro SD card. Overall, this UFO-shaped camera offers everything one expects from a home security camera, while eliminating any blindspots. Moreover, its sleek design can easily conceal it into any home interior, without catching eye of the intruders.

If you want this amazing HD security camera to protect your home, you can preorder it now from Indiegogo for the early-bird price of $149.

Smanos UFO Camera

Smanos UFO Camera captures 360-degree view of your house when mounted on a ceiling

Smanos UFO Camera

When wall-mounted, it offers 180-degree panoramic views of your home

Via: Digitaltrends

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