Smart froc highchair for toddlers

Smart Froc is World’s First Smartphone-Controlled Highchair

As a parent, we all cherish our child’s growing years. From day one onward, we try to nurture them in the best manner possible and try not to compromise when it comes to their safety. While we take care of all the other possible things, buying toddlers furniture is something we don’t pay much heed to. However, it is equally important.

Smart Froc, world’s first smartphone-controlled highchair monitors your baby’s weight and growth while sitting. It is one furniture unit worth every parents’ home. The adjustable wooden highchair is designed to provide stable and safe seating for children aged 6 months to 10 years.

Smart Froc is embedded with weight sensors that are connected to a mobile application, allowing parents to monitor a child’s weight and growth progress by simply checking on their smartphone.

Smart Froc mobile application comes with an algorithm for normal weight/age trends. If the weight data is above or below, the application alerts you with notification. The dedicated mobile application is compatible with both iOS and Android, giving you feasibility to even share the data with your pediatrician.

A product of Rimarket, the highchair is designed by Gigodesign-Slovenia’s leading design agency. Made from Slovenian wood, the chair is naturally strong and durable. In simple three steps, one can adjust the height, footrest, and backrest of the seat.

For toddlers maximum safety, it features a baby set, including a restrainer and safety belt. European safety certification also proves that chair is stable and tip-proof, unlike many plastic highchairs available in the market. Smart Froc comes in three options i.e. highchair, chair with baby set and chair with baby set plus cushion set. Available in five different colors, the chair gives you the freedom to decorate your house with the color of your choice.

The chair design received a positive response during the 2012 Ambient Furniture Fair and they are selling hundreds of chairs not only in Slovenia but also in the Japanese and European market. Smart Froc’s team has decided to go for mass production and is taking help of crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise $55,000.

If you want furniture that grows with your kids and offers safety, you can buy it right away for $208.

Smart Froc smart highchair for toddlers

Grows with your baby

Smart Froc

Mobile application to monitor baby’s weight

Smart Froc

Suitable for children aged 6 months to 10 years

Smart Froc

In-depth data to keep track on child’s health 

Smart Froc

Five different colors to choose from

Smart Froc

Restrainer and a safety belt for securing your toddler

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