Smart Textiles Musical Tablecloth

Smart Textiles’ musical tablecloth turns dinner into music concert

Swedish company Smart Textiles has created one-of-a-kind musical tablecloth with retro floral pattern to play music for you. The tablecloth actually consists of conductive fibers that can transmit current and further convert it into signals to produce sound. All thanks to the generated signals drum kit and piano keys printed on the cloth are able to produce melodious sounds, which seems to be coming straight out of realistic music instruments.

Fibers on the cloth have several pins that keep functioning as sensors. As you put your fingers on it- the imprinted instruments are switched on, allowing you to compose harmonious tunes. This way the simple-looking fabric can turn your mealtime into happening music concert.

The world’s first musical tablecloth is the brainchild of Li Guo and Mats Johansson from Smart Textiles. Johansson is inclined towards music, whereas Gue has a doctorate in textile sensors and knows very well how to integrate sensors into garments. Together Gue’s research and Johansson’s musical ideas led to the creation of this entertaining piece, which is truly first of its kind.

Most difficult part was to blend in hard electronics into soft fabric. But the team has brilliantly overcome that hurdle and managed to form a cloth that’s capable of producing sound, without compromising with softness of the fabric.

According to Johansson,

The problem today is very much where you get this change from the actual fabric to some kind of electronics, from soft flexible things to the rigid hardware and of course the electricity, the batteries. They are difficult to make from the actual textiles but we have projects that try to look also into that. To make them even flexible and lighter and so on.

It is indeed a revolutionary way to bring music into textile industry. May be in future we’ll be able to witness amalgamation of sensors and clothing to make outstanding fashion statement as well.

Smart Textiles Musical Tablecloth

Piano keys and drum kit embedded into the tablecloth

Smart Textiles Musical Tablecloth

Conductive fibers turn current into signals

Via: OddityCentral

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