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Smartphone-controlled Fountain by Waterplay

Smartphone-controlled fountain infuses fun into outdoor pools

Endless water games in outdoor swimming pools are the best way to combat summer heat. But what if you could enhance the fun to greater extent with very little effort? Well, this is possible all thanks to the new smartphone-controlled fountain lineup by Canada-based firm Waterplay.

This interactive fountain system allows users to adjust water flow as well as add desired colored light effects to its water jets through their smartphone. The collection includes ‘Puddles’ and ‘Gatherings’ water jet systems that can be controlled wirelessly for ultimate your outdoor experience.

The Puddles is an upgraded version of traditional ground spray and encourages users to stomp, dance or hop on the flat surface with built-in water jets, creating unique water splash effects. On the other hand, Gatherings is the company’s first ‘off-the-pad’ offering with nature-inspired seating area for playing in water.

Both these fountain systems are best for public amusement parks or your personal outdoor pools for improved water gaming experience. Moreover, your smartphone provides better access to water and makes it easier to retrieve water types for different tasks. Thus, provides innovate water systems with smart technology for better functionality and aesthetics.

Smartphone-controlled Fountain by Waterplay

Interactive fountain system for enjoying outdoor water games, like never before

Credit: Blooloop

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