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Smartphone-controlled Haier Air Box

Smartphone-controlled Haier Air Box offers perfect clean environment for indoors

Haier Air Box

Pollution is increasing day by day and people are eager to respire pollution free air. For that, Haier, Chinese multinational consumer electronics and home appliances company, has launched ‘Air Box’ air quality detector. Haier Air Box is just a fist sized air quality detector with a stylish sense of technology to offer a clean indoor environment. It can also connect with other smart air purifiers and conditioners of any brand. Using the smartphone app, it can control them as well to provide a proper clean air within a room. Through the app users can get all the information about air quality, temperature and humidity inside a room.Haier Air Box

The elegant air box is available in black color and can be place anywhere without consuming much space. It continuously monitors air quality; if it detects unclean air with pollutants or harmful gases, then it immediately alerts air purifiers and conditioners inside your home and calls for action.

You can’t control pollution outdoors, but inside your home, Haier Air Box offers your family the most comfortable and purified air. It fits perfect in the concept of smart home that offers you a healthy living.

Via: TechNode

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