Snooz by Matthew Snyder

Smartphone-controlled Snooz is for you if you’re insomniac

A perfect day always relies on how much sound sleep you have had in the night, but with a fastrack lifestyle and increasing work and family pressure, at one point of time we all face sleep disorder. Having a good night’s sleep not only recharges us with new energy but also keeps us healthy and fresh the following day. External factors are already so much all over us that we have, partially or completely, become slaves of electronics, and this is why we need a power hungry gadget lying beside our pillow so that we can grab sound sleep. As if smartphones loaded with sleep tracking apps were not enough to turn us into a tech-savvy zombie, Snooz is already here that claims to be an ultra-portable sound conditioner designed to help you fall asleep.

Envisioned by Matthew Synder, Snooz is an acoustic white noise machine fitted with proprietary fan that produces peaceful white noise to fade away all sounds around you to help you fall asleep. The 2.5” tall machine is designed to block snoring and other unwanted sounds, leading to deeper and more restful sleep.

Sound-shaped Snooz comes loaded with features like volume adjusting stepless dial, rotating tone adjustment, cord storage wrap in the bottom and a dedicated mobile application. The machine is also suitable for little ones, especially crying babies with colic, white noise is also a sleeping aid with no negative effects. Nursery calibration also makes sure that the sound is safe for little ones at home. The mobile app optimizes the machine until the volume is safe for the cute little fellow sleeping inside crib.

The device is currently asking for funds on Kickstarter and has already raised $160,674 with backing from 1,987 philanthropist. The early bird offer of $49 is already over, but you can book yourself a copy of Snooz by pledging $59, offering you two color options, i.e., charcoal and cloud. So, if you are also one of them whose good night’s sleep depends on a small immolate object, then go shell out as small as $60 and say goodbye to noisy neighbors, city, and freeway traffic.

Snooz by Matthew Snyder

Advance features of Snooz

Snooz by Matthew Snyder

Nursery calibration adjusts sound until the volume is safe for little ones in the crib

Snooz by Matthew Snyder

Snooz comes with a dedicated mobile application

Snooz by Matthew Snyder

Portable and easy to carry around 

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