Smartphone-controlled Mellow sous-vide cooking machine

Mellow sous-vide

Concept of sous-vide cooking is not new, yet Mellow sous-vide machine is a new addition to the cooking method. The Mellow is a smartphone-controlled kitchen appliance which can not only cook food but can also keep the food at refrigerator temprature. The sous-vide machine does not have any control buttons on the device itself, your smartphone solely acts as a remote control for it.

Mellow sous-vide

Jose Pinto Ferreira of FNV Labs, spent over two years developing the useful kitchen machine and believes that it has a lot of potential in domestic market. Cooking in Mellow sous-vide is quite easy, all you have to do is to keep ingredients in a sealed plastic bag in water within the device. Later through your smartphone you can give it the necessary instructions to cook your food the way you like. Temperature and cooking time can also be increased or decreased from anywhere and according to the recipe.

Mellow sous-vide

The sous-vide kitchen machine would be really helpful to maintain your busy scheduled lifestyle in which you hardly get time to cook your favorite food every day. So, the sleek and stylish Mellow sous-vide cooking machine is the best appliance to shelve in your kitchen. You can pre-order it online for $400 , the shipping will begin in early 2015.

Mellow sous-vide

Via: Mellow/GearHungry

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