Halloween Cobweb Cakes

Sneaky Cobweb Cakes Make Halloween Treat a Whole lot Spookier

With October comes a great enthusiasm for the ungodly amount of sugar intake to satisfy your inner sweet beast. You must have already been stocking up on some eerie desserts for the upcoming spooky party. Add a spider web cake as well; they have the potential to satisfy kids and adults, as well as surprise treat-o-treaters.

Behold some of the creepy Halloween cakes which come draped in a sugary cobweb.

This spooky yet cool trend was sparked by Carrie Sellman, the blogger, and baker behind The Cake Blog, back in 2012. She says it’s not that difficult to bake, all you need is prepare a delicious cake and cover it with layers of fondant, and decorate it with hot, stringy marshmallow in web patterns.

You can also make little black spiders out of fondant if you want.

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Since then, the internet is flooded with spider web cakes that look creepy yet delicious, ideal for the haunted night.

Have a look at another sneaky cobweb cake by Australian baker Katherine Sabbath. This one is spruced up with pink cobwebs, adding a pretty appeal rather than an eerie touch.

You can also try baking a similar kind of cake at home with hot marshmallow – “the messier, the better.”

The same spider web effect can also be added to cupcakes!


Make Marshmallow Spiderwebs Over Your Cupcakes!! #hersheys

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Add a chocolate spider on the top to give heebie-jeebies to your friends. Have a look!

These Halloween cakes look cool. For some help, check out the video tutorial below.

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