Soak wood-fired hot tub offers an old-style soaking experience

British Columbia-based creative design house Ox+Monkey has created an outdoor wood-fired hot tub that recharges you while you reconnect with nature and family. Taking inspiration from Japanese Ofuro, a steep-sided wooden bathtub known for having healing properties, Soak is an updated version of wooden tub that showcases the simple forms of Bauhaus.

Made from marine grade aluminum and stainless steel, the hot tub measures 90 x 32 x 34-inches and can easily accommodate two people. Designed to hold 570 liters of water, it weighs only 290 lbs and can be moved with the help of two people.

Minimal in appearance, the hot tub features a side accessed stove for burning wood, while interior of the tub is fitted with a removable wood seating made from locally harvested slats of red cedar. The tub that offers an authentic wood-fired soaking experience for $4,050 comes with a stove box to permit use of propane burner.

Made from specialized fabrication method and tig welding technique, the hot tub is a work of art that promises to offer tranquil experience to users. It is perfect for small backyard adventures. A small storage area for firewood makes it ideal for remote locations. The hot tub gives you a chance to wind down an intense day by embracing the synergy of fire and water.

Soak Wood-Fired hot tub

Wind down an intense day by embracing the synergy of fire and water

Soak Wood-Fired hot tub

Soak outdoor wood-fired hot tub offers authentic wood-fired soaking experience

Soak Wood-Fired hot tub

It can easily accommodate two-person


The hot tub features a side accessed stove for burning wood and space for wood storage

Soak Outdoor Wood Fired Hot Tub

Minimal in appearance

Soak Outdoor Wood Fired Hot Tub

Perfect for outdoors

Soak Wood-Fired hot tub

Made from aluminum, red cedar and stainless steel is an updated version of Japanese Ofuro

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