soccer mug with a goal

Soccer-Themed Mug to Score Snacks into Soups/Beverages

For those who simply can’t get enough of soccer, child entrepreneur Max J. Ash of MAX’IS Creations has created the coolest ‘Soccer Mug with a Goal.’ The handcrafted ceramic mug features a small kicking ledge on one side and a goal post on the other. You can use your fingertips to kick anything you want into the hot/cold beverage inside the mug.

This fun addition to snack time is great for scoring sugar cubes and marshmallows into hot chocolate, crackers into a soup and some yummy toppings on ice cream. The large size of the mug allows it to be used as a coffee mug or a bowl for soup or ice cream.

The soccer-themed mug lets your imagination go wild and turn your dining table into a pitch and your fingers as legs to enjoy your favorite sport even during snack time. Once your match is over, you can easily clean it in a regular dishwasher for the next match.

You can purchase the Soccer Mug with a Goal from Vat19 and Amazon for $25. When we say ‘with a goal,’ it is designed for a specific purpose.

soccer mug with a goal

It will add fun to your snack time

soccer mug with a goal

You can finger kick snacks into the mug

soccer mug with a goal

Soccer-themed mug with a goal post and kicking ledge

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