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SockDock Socks organizer

Organizing different pair of socks, and keeping the clean ones from dirty, is one challenging task all mothers have to deal with. That until the SockDock socks organizer was born. The sock laundry and organizing tool is designed to keep socks in pairs while washing, drying and storing. The SockDock will save you all the time you spent sorting and matching socks each time you washed them.

One of its kind sock prevention and storage system out there, the SockDock can hang on hamper, doorknob or closet rod. The family members can come home, remove their socks and place dirty pair between 2 sliders on the SockDock. Once it is full of dirty socks, remove the hanger, and toss the SockDock into the washer and dryer with other laundry. When dry, hang SockDock with clean socks neatly in your closet.

Ideal to be used with women’s no-show, low cut, ankle, and dress socks, the SockDock can hold up to nine pairs of socks. With the SockDock at home, you will not have to sort, fold and matching clean socks ever again.

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