Soda Sparkle Turns Plain Water into Carbonated Water in Under 35 Seconds

We all love refreshing carbonated water on a hot summer day, but going out shopping to pick a few bottles is a really impediment when it’s scorching outside. That’s when you think you could make carbonated at home. Next time you think of it you’ll actually be able to do it with the Soda Sparkle launched in Japan. The handy little machine, you can make carbonated water from plain water at home, all you need to do is, fill the machine’s bottle with plain water and attach the provided gas cartridge to the charger unit of the machine and there, the soda is ready.

The charger unit with a gas unit is twisted on the water bottle, which releases gas and a little shake of the bottle delivers a glass of refreshing carbonated water in under 35 seconds. The Soda Sparkle is a portable machine and therefore can be carried outdoors or be used in the backyard for a BBQ. The Soda Sparkle kit costs about $99 and comes with two bottles, 5 gas cartridges and an option to choose the level of carbonation.

Via: Excite/RocketNews24

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