Sofa 600 Car Couch

Sofa 600 Car Couch Brings Vintage Ride into Your Living Room

Bel & Bel, Barcelona-based studio–workshop, is no stranger to upcycling vintage automotive parts into functional furniture. This time the creative designers at the studio have created another impressive seating furniture called Sofa 600 Car Couch. It is made from an authentic recovered car SEAT 600, which is the Spanish version of the Italian FIAT 500.

Built exclusively on-demand, the car sofa is completely handmade using extremely artisanal techniques. Details of the old vehicle such as lights, sidelights, as well as shot and long indicators are integrated onto the couch to sustain its originality.

Authentic plate pieces like two front wings and the front section of the vehicle’s structure are also included on the sofa. It also carries reused original front and rear bonnet SEAT 600 Model “D”.

The internal structure consists of steel and other bedsteads metal profiles. Sofa 600 car couch comprises re-upholstered original back-seat of a SEAT 124. Combining two of the most legendary models of SEAT, Bel & Bel has managed to create an idyllic sofa for any contemporary home.

In addition, the sofa features tailgate along with a power outlet on the back to install a mini-bar or a stereo. Besides that, this space can be used to store your personal belongings.

This timeless furniture piece is an epitome of art and design that will certainly add nostalgic appeal to your living space

Buy: $5,100

Sofa 600 Car Couch

Sofa 600 Car Couch by Bel & Bel

Sofa 600 Car Couch

Completely handmade using artisanal techniques

Sofa 600 Car Couch

Backside of the sofa features a tailgate

Sofa 600 Car Couch

Tailgate can be used to install a mini-bar, a stereo or to store your stuff

Sofa 600 Car Couch

The seat comprises re-upholstered original back-seat of a SEAT 124

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