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Solar Pines – Unique rest areas that generate energy using sunlight

To improve changing climatic conditions, many companies are coming up with products to generate more green energy. With the same motive, HG-Architecture has created sunflower-shaped Solar Pines for Posco Energy Green Park in Incheon, South Korea. Inspired by the spatial efficiency of pine cones, these sculptures are unique rest areas that can generate energy using sunlight.

These energy generating sculptures are installed with solar panels on the roof’s shell, which is made of prefabricated modules. The geometrically designed roof tilts like a sunflower in the direction of the sun to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight and is able to generate up to 1.2kW per hour.

The huge roof is supported by two intertwining arcs, thereby, eliminates the need for bulky vertical supports and embraces a pleasant light aesthetic. In the daytime, the roof provides shade to the rest area, whereas illuminates the space at night.

Made out of prefabricated materials, the installation of the structure is extremely time and space efficient. Besides its power generation capability, the structure also boasts an attractive design that makes it a perfect choice for green parks or urban plazas.

According to the architects, the Solar Pines are meant to bring clean energy generation in parks and buildings without compromising with aesthetics. The team behind the creation of this eco-friendly structure has proven that how technology can be used to benefit the natural world.


The roof is installed with solar panels


The roof tilts to absorb maximum sunlight throughout the day


The structure boasts a geometric design

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