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Solar-Powered Mailbox

Solar-powered mailbox illuminates and sends notification when mail arrives

In this digital age, are you still stuck up with old mailboxes that need to be constantly checked for physical mails? Forget the old way to get snail mails, and open arms for the new age solar-powered mailbox. It is a smarter mail drop powered by solar panels to illuminate and send notifications to homeowners, as soon as their mail or courier arrives.

The mailbox notification system is integrated with a couple XBees pieces, Flora program, Arduino chip and a bunch of other random parts and circuits. All these circuits and software programs can be connected to your home automated system for instant alerts.

When a mail is dropped into the letterbox, a magnetic switch triggers to instantly light up and immediately send message to you, telling that you’ve got a mail. Although it’s a pretty complicated solution for self creation, but it’s fun nonetheless if you are clear about certain technicalities. So can also create the identical mailbox for your home by following instructions given on Adafruit.

Credit: LifeHacker

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