Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

This solar powered outdoor lounger promises comfort and entertainment

Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

Scientists and engineers are continuously thinking of new ways to harvest sun’s energy and trying to bring solar power to the mainstream. They have very much succeeded in their unrelenting effort, inviting designers from all around the world to deploy the technology they have devised in their designs. Designers also have done their job very well by crafting beautiful objects that not only tap the sun’s power, but also promise to bring scientists’ ultimate goal to the mainstream. This solar powered Entertainment Lounger is one of those clever inceptions that have changed the way we utilize solar power in our daily life and see the outdoor furniture. Decked with solar panels on both sides of the chair’s base provide enough juice to all the hi-tech amenities on board, i.e. built-in misters, speakers and a USB charging port.

Controlling hydraulic system of the motorized lounger is quite an easy task with the help of a built-in control panel situated on the left armrest. The hydraulic system gradually reclines you to the most comfortable position and a refreshing mist sprinkled from adjustable nozzles on tip of both armrests rejuvenates your outdoor experience. The 10-watt solar panels fully charge 12-volt battery when exposed to sunrays for four hours. A built-in water tank having one gallon water capacity ensures uninterrupted supply to the nozzles.
The entertainment lounger with an element of multimedia is a must-have outdoor furniture that can be bought here for $4,000 and you can consider yourself lucky if blue is your favorite color.

Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

Solar Powered Entertainment Lounger

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