SolPad is ‘plug and play’ on/off-grid solar system for your home

SunCulture Solar Inc. has unveiled a game-changing SolPad solar panel to give more control to the users for making their homes energy-efficient. It is a ‘plug and play’ solar system that comes equipped with battery storage and an inverter. It can be utilized both on or off the grid and combines multiple patented technologies into one device, including the SolControl software for complete energy management of your home.

The portable solar panel can easily be plugged into any outdoor outlet on a house, hence functions as a great rooftop solar system. Its solid state built-in battery can store energy from the sun and the grid, and considered safer than standard lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, the flex grid inverter allows the solar device to easily switch between grid and solar power depending on climatic conditions and electricity needs of the particular residence.

All thanks to the SolControl software, the users can get full power over energy consumption, and also know when and how they are consuming power. The smart solar panel also offers suggestions for how to save energy. Using a companion smartphone app, the users can even select certain appliances or devices to utilize the stored energy.

Besides all that, the SolPad can also serve as a powerful internet hot spot, especially when you’re in off-grid or remote locations. According to SunCulture, this revolutionary solar panel could be helpful in several developing countries with growing energy needs, without the cost of building expensive grid infrastructure.

Currently seeking manufacturing partners, the company has planned to launch SolPad on the market in Q2 of 2017.

SunCulture Solar SolPad

SolPad by SunCulture Solar Inc.


Portable solar panels for both on/off-grid usage


The solar panel comes equipped with battery storage and an inverter


Full-length solar panel

Via: TreeHugger

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