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Somnox Smart Sleep Robot Pillow Debuts at CES 2018

Last year, the Dutch robotics startup, Somnox in collaboration with mattress manufacturer Royal Auping created a smart sleep aid gadget that simulates breathing to help people sleep faster. It’s a cute, soft bean-shaped hug pillow that breathes to work like a lively sleeping companion. Moreover, it can play lullabies or any other audio to soothe your sleep. Users can easily configure it with the companion mobile app named Calm. The Somnox smart sleep robot pillow has made an impressive debut appearance at the CES 2018.

Somnox sleep robot uses Buddhist breathing techniques to make you relax and improve sleep. While playing sounds, it automatically turns off when you fall asleep. For a hygienic experience, it comes with removable sleeve that can be taken off to wash in a washing machine. There are hundreds of sleep enhancing devices out there, but this one is unique as it can function like a breathing buddy to calm your loneliness.

It has already been successfully crow-funded through a Kickstarter campaign last year, and now again they are making the sleep robot available through Indiegogo for US$549 with expected delivery in September 2018.

Somnox smart sleep robot makes a debut at CES 2018

Image: Somnox

Somnox robotic hug pillow

Image: Somnox

Somnox robotic hug pillow

Image: Somnox

Somnox robotic hug pillow

Image: Somnox

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