Sony Multifunctional Light does more than just illuminating a room

Smart home lighting is not about illumination and color-changing effects anymore. This has been proven recently with Sony’s Multifunctional Light. Don’t go on its name, as this smart light bulb is designed to offer more than just brightening up a room. Rather than a mere lighting fixture, you can consider it a smartphone fixed onto your ceiling.

The smart light is able to communicate with other appliances like thermostats, humidity sensors, air conditioner units and also turn on your TV when built-in motion sensors detect your presence in the room. Besides all that, the illuminating fixture even doubles up as a room-to-room intercom system.

With integrated speakers the device is able to play music, and built-in motion sensors star buzzing the alarm when it detects motion. In your absence when the alarm sounds, the device can send immediate alter to your smartphone, so you can take appropriate action.

The smart multifunctional light is controlled via its accompanying smartphone app. The LED light will be provided by Toshiba, as LED bulbs will be installed into the fixture this means it’s likely to have color adjusting capabilities. Plus, the light fixture will be energy-efficient to help you cut down energy costs.

Unfortunately, the multifunctional light by Sony will be arriving only in Japan in the first quarter of 2016. Moreover, there’s no word on its pricing and availability to other markets yet. For now, you can check out the video given below to see how it works.


The spherical light fixture can control various appliances within your home


It is a multifunctional lighting fixture for smart homes

Via: Engadget

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