Huis Remote Controller

Sony’s Huis Remote customizes controls you want per device

Advancement in technology has made our life a lot easier and has also made out homes smarter. We can easily handle everything from one place- all thanks to various IoT devices. Nevertheless, with pros come cons too. Each electronic device comes with their own personalized controller, so too many gadgets have stacked our houses with remote controls.

However to bring more ease into you life, Sony Japan has launched a new universal remote that is fabricated to control multiple devices. Entitled as Huis Remote Controller, the universal remote control featuring e-ink paper-like display technology can be customized depending upon what you want to control. Therefore, it is the  world’s first e-ink display universal remote.

The low-power customizable remote control has the ability to display virtual buttons. This makes it more natural to use as a universal remote for all your electronic devices. Designed to control anything including TV, Blu-ray players, lights and air conditioners, the remote can easily customize array of buttons.

The latest acceleration-sensing technology activates the controller quickly, so it can instantly gain access of a particular device. The remote priced at ¥ 27,950 (approx. US $247) is part of Sony’s new business creating program First Flight– crowdfunding program specially designed by Sony employees for new products. Currently available in Japan only, the shipment of universal remote control will start by March 2016.

Huis Remote Controller

Sony’s Huis Remote Controller is the world’s first e-ink display universal remote

Huis Remote Controller

Fully-customizable remote controls what you actually use

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