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Sony’s Qrio Smart Lock

Sony’s Qrio Smart Lock allows users to open doors via smartphone

Recently, Japanese electronics giant Sony has been in news for its security woes, ironically their latest project is all about providing security. The firm has unveiled the brand new Qrio Smart Lock to offer a smart home security solution to homeowners. Although the concept of smart locks is nothing new to the world, but Qrio is the smallest smart lock that allows users to open their house’s front door via smartphone.

Qrio smart lock can be opened using the encrypted key for unlocking, using the user’s smartphone. The device also allows users to share encrypted keys with their friends and family through messaging on Facebook, Whatsapp or other platforms. The locking system can easily be clamped onto your door, with no need of additional tools.

It comes with an adhesive that stick onto the door, therefore it is the best solution for people living in rental houses or temporary homes without damaging the property. Currently the project is seeking funds on crowdfunding website Makuake and has successfully surpassed the initial target of about ¥15,000 (approx. USD $120), just in a single day.

Unfortunately, we’re not certain about its availability outside Japan, after its commercial launch. Check out the video and images give below to find out more about the smart security system and share your opinion about their initiative to offer security.

Sony’s Qrio Smart Lock

Qrio smart lock can be accessed using the encrypted key for unlocking it via user’s smartphone

Sony’s Qrio Smart Lock

The device also allows users to share encrypted keys with their friends and family through messaging on Facebook or Whatsapp

Via: TheVerge

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