sound Bulbs

Sound Bulbs is a bizarre pairing of lightbulb sockets and old sound systems

Sound Bulbs by Dominic Wilcox

British artist, inventor, and designer Dominic Wilcox is famous for his innovative, imaginative, and unique products. He gives a new and alternative perspective to the things that we either discard or take for granted. This thing can be clearly determined by one of his latest inventions, the Sound Bulbs. This design although looks absurd but gives an incredible use to the vintage and discarded sound systems by simply screwing them into light sockets. This magnificent design was also a result of a challenge of giving a new use to old objects.

Sound Bulbs by Dominic Wilcox

The sound bulb makes use of nine volt transformers, bayonets, and Edison screw light bulb connectors (the silvery portion at the end of each bulb). After these are integrated on the retro radio or stereo system, it is then screwed into a regular light bulb screw socket. When plugged in, the electric current flows through the sound system to play your favorite tunes in a funky way. Unlike the old radios or stereos that sit on a desk, the antique inspired sound bulbs can be suspended like a light pendant, or mounted on top of a lamp fixture as a brilliant and functional work of art.

Sound Bulbs by Dominic Wilcox

Sound Bulbs by Dominic Wilcox

Via : Gizmodo

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