Glass Piano by Karlis Bogustovs

Sound of Architecture is a glass piano made from old windowpanes

London-based Karlis Bogustovs has beautifully crafted Sound of Architecture a wooden piano covered in glass reclaimed from old windowpanes. The one-of-a-kind glass piano is built for public is assembled with recouped glass over an old wooden piano. Built using broken and thrown away glass windows, Bogustovs’ work of art is sitting in the center of London’s major business district.

Main body of the piano is still wooden, but is later covered with glass that cleverly replicates the skyscraper and sky-high building. Piece-by-piece assembled glass piano is placed in the centre of crowded financial hub Canary Wharf, offering a brief moment to relax and enjoy. Layer upon layer, the work of art represents patience, eye for details and care to create something, which according to Bogustovs is missing in today’s time.

Free for anyone to play, the glass piano is carved with “Play Me, I’m Yours,” a street project, where piano’s are installed in public spaces, so that anyone can play it. To create this masterpiece, it took Bogustovs approximately four months, while working full time for five days a week.

A skater and sculpture maker, Bogustovs is currently busy in combining his passion for skateboarding with his love for art through a project called “Glass Skateboarding.” Furthermore, we are positive that this project will also awe-struck everyone, like the glass piano.

Here is a three-minute video that beautifully captures peoples reaction – some looking in astonishment while others enjoying the tunes on the piano, still others just sitting and having a brief moment.

Glass Piano by Karlis Bogustovs

Main body of glass piano still wooden

Glass Piano by Karlis Bogustovs

Window panes are used to cover the wooden piano

Glass Piano by Karlis Bogustovs

Fixing glass piece over the piano to replicate the sky-high buildings

Glass Piano by Karlis Bogustovs

Joining pieces of glass to attain piano’s outer shape

Glass Piano by Karlis Bogustovs

Lady playing piano while passersby enjoying 

Glass Piano by Karlis Bogustovs

Placed in London’s Canary Wharf it is part of ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ project

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