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Soybots Mobile Robotic Platforms

Soybots help indoor plants to survive when you’re not home

Do your indoor plants often die due to lack of nourishment and inappropriate sunlight? Don’t worry, as McMullen and Fabian Winkler, associate professors from Purdue University have created a convenient solution in form of Soybots. The Soybots are nothing but mobile micro-gardening robots that allow indoor plants to search for light using built-in sensors.

There mobile robotic platforms feature built-in light sensors to track sunlight intensity or to locate LED lights within a room, so the plants can get proper light to sustain nourishment. The robots can digitally map their environment and move towards light for their proper growth. This means the robotic system will itself move the plants in direction of light, even if you’re not at home.

It would definitely be a great help for those homeowners, who often have to travel a lot because of work. Now, they can go anywhere without worrying about their indoor plants because the plants’ new companion will take good care of them. The Soybots will be exhibited in March for the ‘Balance/Unbalance: Water, Climate and Place. Reimagining Environments’ at Arizona State University.

However we’re not sure about its commercial availability until now, but it would surely be a beneficial product for people having indoor micro-garden at their place. Check out the video given below to find out working of these amazing mobile plant robots.

Soybots Mobile Robotic Platforms

Mobile micro-gardening robots move indoor plants towards light due to their built-in light sensors

Source: PurdueUniversity

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