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Spa Car Drivable Hot Tub – Yes Colin Furze’s made it folks!

Colin and his super crazy inventions, we just can’t enough of them. From homemade 360 degree swings to the unthinkable AK47 door bell system, Colin never seizes to amaze us. And of course, his wit adds that extra spice to whatever he conceptualizes and then materializes. I wish he makes something for the next Dumb and Dumber sequel (if ever there was one), just a thought!

Alright, now coming back to this creation, Colin Furze has converted a BMW E30 convertible into his bathtub on wheels. And boy o’ boy, he seems to be having the time of his life driving it through the countryside. It has a barbeque in the boot, there are two leaf blowers on the side and a whole lot of water everywhere you extend your legs.

Colin calls it The Spa Car Drivable Hot Tub, and to be honest the kind of creative head he has over his shoulders, this hasn’t taken much of his time. It’s just about filling the car interiors with water, turning the leaf blower on, and going for a spin around. To add a bit of craziness (as always) Colin adds, soap to the water, and everything else can be experienced once you watch the video.

After going for a drive, drenched in water, Colin and his mate take a pit stop to barbeque some food. Well, the water spillage obviously destroys the food, but still Colin takes a bite. Whoosh, he is crazy like hell!

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