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Contropiede Foosball Table

Special edition Contropiede foosball table signed by Italian artist VAPS

How about some seriously fancy foosball game? Leisure meets art in this special edition Contropiede foosball table signed by Teckell. What makes this contemporary game table special is that it’s wooden legs with a vibrant artistic pattern are signed by a young Italian street artist VAPS.

This exquisite foosball table is a blend of art and technology, meanwhile, its beauty has been enhanced with bright yellow shade, which adds life to this recreational object. It is carefully designed to suit you – no matter where your tastes trend in terms of time.

The playground on the tabletop has been suspended in a transparent laminated glass that features rounded corners polished by cerium oxide. The players are made out of aluminum alloy – a lacquered team color gloss deluxe / a team in polished chrome. Moreover, the knobs are also presented in same yellow color as that of the legs.

Furthermore, this foosball table will come with a certificate of authenticity set balls and instructions for installation and maintenance tools of the piece. Contropiede game table is a pure technological allure offering you an excellent gaming fluency.

Find out more about the luxury foosball table on the official website or the designer’s Facebook page.

Contropiede Foosball Table

Signed by Italian street artist VAPS

Contropiede Foosball Table

Wooden legs feature artistic pattern

Contropiede Foosball Table

Created by Teckell

Contropiede Foosball Table

Players are made from aluminum alloy

Contropiede Foosball Table

The knobs are also in yellow color

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