Sofa chair made from motorcycle parts

Spectacular Single Seat Motorcycle-Themed Sofa Chair to Rock your Abode

The special thing about motorcycles is that they are not merely a means of transportation, as any enthusiast would suggest, they are an extension of your being. But what do you do with the motorbike when it has outrun its course? Well, Indian designer Kalpesh Kumar from Ahmedabad in Gujarat resolves the dilemma with his amazing Motorcycle-themed sofa chair. The spectacular single seat chair made from motorcycle parts is ideal for any type of spot décor inside a bike lovers abode. Completely handmade, the Motorcycle-themed sofa chair was made in about 22 days and is priced at Rs. 32,000 ( ~ USD 520).

This exciting motorcycle chair comprises of original Royal Enfield Electra mudguard with hand painted flame and working lights. It has a Bajaj Pulsar 18-inch rim with drums and used MRF tires on either side. Highest quality red and black color upholstery on the chair frame are made entirely out of metal box pipe.

Most parts of the chair are graced with high-quality chrome. The Motorcycle-themed sofa chair measures 18-inches from the floor and has a back height of 24-inches.

Thanks, Kalpesh for the information.

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