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Spillage-proof S-up spoon

Spillage-proof S-up spoon wins Blackwood design award

Housing and care provider Blackwood has recently conducted a Design Competition, which challenged various designers to come up with innovative ideas to enhance standard living of physically disabled or others with mental disabilities. One common problem faced by physically disabled people is that they spilling their food while eating.

So for people with motor control issues, Scottish design engineering consultants from 4c Design have created a unique S-up Spoon for eating food without frustrating spillage. This amazing spoon design was showcased at Dragons Den style design competition, where it has been awarded the top prized.

Design of this spoon was inspired by Grant Douglas, a man who suffers from cerebral palsy. A computer science graduate, Douglas collaborated with 4c Design graduate intern Mark Penver to create a spillage-proof spoon. Designed for left- and right-handed users, the spoon boasts a deeper cavity as compared to a regular spoon and also has an extended handle for better grip to improve handling.

All thanks to the extended handle, the spoon can be grabbed securely in the user’s hand. Meanwhile, the deeper cavity holds loose food and liquids in place, thereby reducing spillage as the person takes filled spoon for eating. Moreover, the spoon also has a high arch in the handle. This helps the user to easily pick it up from flat surfaces.

It truly deserved the first prize, as it can help many people with motor control problems to have their food conveniently. You can purchase it from the product’s official website for £15 (approx. US $21), and let people with disabilities enjoy freedom to eat independently.

Spillage-proof S-up spoon

It is perfect for people with motion control problems

Spillage-proof S-up spoon

It features deeper cavity and extended handle for comfortable grip

Spillage-proof S-up spoon

The spoon is designed to improve eating habits of physically disabled

Via: ScottishHousingNews

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