Spin folding stool

Spin folding stool fuses spatial effectiveness along with aesthetics

Spin folding stool

In an age where spatial efficiency holds precedence over imposing design plans, it is not surprising to see compact conceptions being churned out to match our modern home decor. However, it is still a rarity when such designs meet the criteria of both practicality and proper aesthetics. In this regard, the ‘Spin’ foldable stool by Daphne Zuilhof holds our fancy, not just because of its obvious flexible nature, but also because of its intrinsic visual allure.

Exhibiting a uniquely expandable shape, the form supposedly replicates the bend, spread out legs of an arachnid. As a matter of fact, Spin in Dutch translates to spider. On clearer inspection, we can also see rubber bands holding on the inner framework of those wooden legs. This brings us to the crux of the folding function. The stool as we mentioned before is fully foldable, and its achieves its compact bearing by the legs reclining along the core support at the center. This mechanism in turn is helped along by the elasticity of the rubber bands, thus completely transforming the seat into a pressed, portable plank of solid timber.

Via: DaphneZuilhof

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