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Baumraum Treehouse Halle

Spiral staircase provides passage to Halle Treehouse by Baumraum

German architectural firm Baumraum has come up with another beautifully designed Halle Treehouse that is nestled 11-meters above the ground in middle of an oak tree. Its semi-elliptical design provides ample space for relaxing in between branches of a tree, overlooking the surrounding landscape. The key feature of this house is its spiral staircase brilliantly wrapped around the trunk of oak tree for easy access into this small dwelling.

The steel staircase begins from the residential property’s garage through a hole on its roof up to entrance of the small wooden house. Entire treehouse is constructed from wood and a zinc sheet is molded on its curved roof top, whereas staircase and fencing around the wooden deck is of stainless steel. The wooden deck has plenty of space to accommodate chairs and a table for small gathering with friends.

Structure of the treehouse is supported by steel cables, nylon straps and two strong steel slits attached to the tree trunk. On entering inside, you’ll find a cozy interior lined with light colored wood and includes a double bed and a window seat, both offers stunning views of the landscape through huge windows. The bed is surrounded by two windows on either side and a tiny window space on roof to gaze at the open sky.

Halle Treehouse has a remarkable organic and efficient architecture with simple aesthetics and exceptional space even in such a small shelter for living comfortably.

Via: DesignBoom

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